The Epic

The Epic, Image design by Desmond Tan

The Epic is a full-length performance work by Scott Sandwich & Finn O’Branagàin. Dash back to the beginning as we retell and unpick myths, epic texts and really good stories from around the globe.

Many of these stories have lost relevance, interest, or have faded away over time – our goal is to drag them into the modern world, peel them to pieces and make them present again. Our world may be different, and maybe now we think we’re too modern, bitter or cynical for these stories. But anyone could be a hero if you tell it right. Even two poets.

From the cradle of civilisation to the one about the wooden horse, with heroes ranging from Gilgamesh to Vin Diesel, The Epic lovingly takes the stories you think you know and asks them to tell us another.

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The Blue Room Theatre, Perth WA [June 2015] – Sellout Season!
Bondi Feast, Sydney, NSW [July 2015]
PICA for Summer Nights, Perth WA [Jan 2016]


The Epic [Image by Jamie Breen] (2 of 2)The Epic is easily one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen this year; it’s charming, it’s educational and it’s joyously irreverent. The passion which these two performers have, for storytelling and the telling of those stories in particular is palpable, and their enjoyment in the retelling is infectious.”
The AU Review (Honourable mention The AU’s Favourite Performances From Around Australia During The First Half Of 2015)

The Epic is epic not only in the scope within each story, not only in the infectious enthusiasm brought to the stage by each performer, but also in the depth and breadth of the knowledge about how these tales fit into human and cultural experiences.”
Australian Stage

“A pole-to-pole expedition in search of the world’s elemental epic stories, and an entertaining and illuminating journey it is.”
David Zampatti, The West Australian

Accessible, funny, and awkwardly self-aware, Scott and Finn not only re-tell some of the most influential and out-there stories ever recorded, they also reflect on how stories are shaped by the teller and how, in turn, the world is shaped by stories… Finn and Scott approach their material with equal parts reverence and irreverence, in precisely the places it’s needed. There is just enough levity, just enough grandeur, and too much going on to be bored for even a moment. If you get the chance to see this show sometime, do it. The Epic will make any hour of your life seem bigger on the inside. 5/5 stars
– The Brag

“O’Branagáin and Sandwich are retelling a few of the most epic epics of all time from around the world. They deconstruct myths from just about every continent in the space of about an hour, and do it in a way that’s full of spark and barb, irreverence and passion.”
X-Press Magazine

“Even if you are totally over the word epic, get back to its true origin with Finn and Scott – they’ll literally remind you how great an epic can be.”
X-Press Magazine

“A fantastic collection of stories from around the world, delivered by two storytellers passionate about epic tales and keen and bright-eyed in their enthusiastic sharing of various characters and narratives.”
Australian Stage

“A thought-provoking around-the-world journey of cultural identity. O’Branagáin and Sandwich were amazing. They captured the attention of the entire room with just their words and their passion.”