The Kalevala (According To Scott Sandwich)

The Kalevala is Finland’s epic poem. Rooted deep in their culture, everyone in the country knows the stories, the characters, the poetry…

But translated to English, it’s just not very good. English cannot handle the poetics of the language, and the forced 8-syllable structure. English has never been a successful way to communicate the power and magic of the Kalevala…

… Until now.

The work is also presented as a text-based installation, The Kalevala Bathroom (According To Scott Sandwich). Photo slideshow below.

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This work was created during a residency at Arteles, Finland, January 2012.

– Scott Sandwich


5 responses to “The Kalevala (According To Scott Sandwich)

  1. Miika

    I love it! Made much more sense this way than when I forced myself to read through it. :D

  2. Joe Kovach

    That was epic and awesome. I’m an avid disc golfer and westside discs name there discs after the major symbols of the Kalevala