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Scott Sandwich is a multidisciplinary artist, telling stories about dates, death and the apocalypse. He envisages a world where academic approaches to poetry can live peacefully alongside horrific puns and fart jokes. Hand in hand, in fact. Perhaps even in love. His work centres on the mythology of the individual, as well as authenticity of the self and history, explored through comedy and storytelling, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and improvisation.

His solo video work The Kalevala (According To Scott Sandwich) has been featured in galleries across Finland, Norway, Sweden, Benin, and Lithuania. His most recent artistic collaborations include the plays Tamagotchi Reset & Other Doomsdays (2017) and The Epic (2015) with playwright Finn O’Branagàin as part of their production company Ten Tonne Sparrow, presented in Perth and Sydney. The Epic will tour nationally throughout 2018, with ArtsOnTour.

His poetry biography collection on Sibelius, Music Begins Where The Possibilities of Language End was shortlisted for The Lifted Brow’s Experimental Non-Fiction Writing Award 2015, and Carbon Copy was longlisted in 2017. He created the performance lecture An Enthusiasts Guide To Musical Anarchy with composer Tim Hansen, presented at Customs House for Siezure & Musica Viva’s Sound & Music lecture series. He has also designed over 50 plays, performances, and dance works presented all over Australia.

He created the ongoing music project Obscure Music History, releasing the first album from this project in 2017.

He was featured artist at the 2013 Sydney Writers’ Festival, and the 2013 Queensland Poetry Festival. He won the Woodford Poetry Slam in 2011, and was a finalist at the Australian Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup in 2011 and 2012, and a finalist in the Australia Poetry Slam in 2010.

He has released four EPs, of spoken word, storytelling, and music, including Heartbreak AirBnb (2017), Up Until Rosebud (2016), Sometimes I Still Do (Lone Wolves) (2014) and The Feast & The Beast (2012).

Scott Sandwich is the moniker of composer and sound artist Tom Hogan, collaborating most recently on the installations Guardians with Tarryn Gill, as part of the exhibition Magic Object, for the 2016 Adelaide Biennial; and Mountain with Pilar Mata Dupont, which won the main prize at the Plymouth Contemporary Open art prize in July, 2015. He wishes this bio didn’t seem so impersonal, but he hopes this little bit at the end makes him seem more human. He’s just some guy, you know? (Read a detailed portfolio of works here.)


Send stuff, things, other sweet nothings and bitter anythings to scottsandwich@gmail.com

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