THE EPIC: $-for-$ MATCH Funding! Help!

Okay. So. It is time for this. It is TIME.

Design by Desmond Tan

THE EPIC – Design by Desmond Tan

The full length show THE EPIC is finally here! Myself and Finn O’Branagain have been putting this show together over the last two years and now we’re launching it as part of The Blue Room Theatre’s season, in June, in Perth, WA – before looking to tour it allllll over the place. So it is going to be on stage… but only with your help. Spiritually, and monetarily. Luckily we’ve also scored MATCH funding for it thanks to Creative Partnerships… So if you donate $50, we get $100!

We’re just looking for $4000 to cover all our costs and pay all our related creatives (including our designer Desmond Tan, our dramaturg/mentors Jeffrey Jay Fowler & Andrea Gibbs, our publicist Very Serious… So please help us make this show totally badass.

CLICK HERE and check out our pitch! Take a reward! Receive updates. All that.

– Scott Sandwich


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