Luc Ferrari #14 – Walk around, and play football while contemplating…

Walk around, and play football while contemplating what part of your day was of Gothic style. Worked for me.
I first became aware of Manhattan evolving in time when I was swinging like that.
For example, between seriousness and derision, more difficult than frictions.
It was a flat landscape. Day after day I had to cross paths with the portable tape recorder. The composers seem to be doing just fine anyway.
So I took the golden past, growing but roughly only for the first period of time. I was in front of the secondhand sky, bursting heavily through. (I could see some clouds)
Sometimes everything appears during a period in which I observe society.
I learned what it means to attempt to describe the Horspeile – she would always choose the work composed with words… me, without.
I produced my first Etudes in the City because the city of another institution had been lost already. But I went back to get it
I redo the lost recording
The silence of the road

– Scott Sandwich


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