Luc Ferrari #7 – I haven’t slept in a while

I haven’t slept in a while.
Incompleteness have for me faded into the past, sliding time and time again
When I used to say who knows? Because there were the studios of the Radio
They breathe and seek warmth
But I slipped away
The skin is too smooth in front of the house, to what used to be and still is called storm
The colour of coloured feelings
It was my choice, my snapshot of neither
I was simultaeneously experimenting
There was no more, then it’s straight
This went on for months,
I even wrote a score called “I waited” and its transmission
Any given…
So I remained underground.
How to get rid of a tiny body? In a dispassionate way
A few characteristic signs tell us it was winter,
But looking back on it now, I think it was taking the 84 bus to Place
And on the left…
The game of words
The game of autobiographies
Sunset over the desert…
Despite using my compositions from a near-conscious relationship between letting the weather guide me and overlapping of places in the present,
On the day I was born, it stretched far across the rolling sky
Where anti-aircraft guns fired


– Scott Sandwich


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