Luc Ferrari #6 – The end of the journey, feminine, so many

The end of the journey, feminine, so many
Find out where to go
It was a mixture of first electronic works, or a post-billig
Robots are in the grand canyon,
There was a breath of fresh air, something resembling a restaurant,
But didn’t understand.
I don’t know
I have to remind myself that through contempt, the wondering micro-journeys with a different colour

The city is populated by robots
A bushy wood, next to a small canon has been abolished
The Rouard & Lerole music bookshop where a John Cage concert was
They blend with each
The point, since I don’t know what I am

night. The water was smooth and electro acoustic compositions,
Specialist in the Rouard & Lerole music bookshop
Because the ground was very bright
And complex looking dials
The black one ends in 1967

Or incompleteness have for me faded into the past
But that reminds me of another score I wrote
And that particular power mechanics and any material where a John Cage concert was
I heard a church roaring – something of a common thread
Coindicence of deceleration and acceleration
He has no answer
On August 22, 1900, my grand-
Surprised, and so am I. With silence.
Yes. I’m already born, a hyperrealist, a craftsman of the trap

Humans live underground
Transformed, edited and reproduced, surrounded by women, between acoustic and electric
Using day-after-day sound
The exuberance of kindness

– Scott Sandwich


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