In A Flash

old film projector with dramatic lighting

She was looking forward to it actually – that moment when life flashes before your eyes.
All those memory bank files spilling out
With a warm white glow around the edges
With a soft light from above
With vaseline on the lens
Highlighting her first kiss with Daniel Carbenza at recess under the shadecloth
Glorifying her big goal in the Under 18s A Division Semi-Finals
Her grandmother peeling fruit at lunchtime
Sammael’s birth and first words
Holiday to Phuket or three days in Greece
Tastes of fine wine, weird clam entrées and Elvis impersonators
High school reunion night ending in a surprise Carbenza fuck in a Honda Jazz
Winning big at the chocolate wheel
Art exhibition
Purchasing the house and watching the sprinkler in the backyard confuse the dogs
Or maybe just a moment in the sun, reading a good book, happy…

But that didn’t happen. Those memories didn’t flood. Those moments weren’t cherished one more time. The car hit her. And she died.

– Scott Sandwich


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