Scott Sandwich @ SOYA 2013

Well, I’ve gone and done it; I’ve uploaded a portfolio of work to the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards. If you think I’m a little bit alright, I’d love you to click the ol’ “Like” button there, post it onto Facebook or wherever! I’m pretty easy to impress, so make this the highlight of my week!

My portfolio is here:

I command you.

I command you.



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2 responses to “Scott Sandwich @ SOYA 2013

  1. some lady

    Seriously, you are a really good yoof.

  2. Great joy to have started to read the Kalevala today after learning that Tolkien used it for his concept of elvish language in Lord of the Rings. Which I learned from national geographic. Wild! And with a Google search – I just saw your amazing rendition. You rock! Thank you for your perfectly styled madness.



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