The Black Bird

It’s midnight, it’s a beautiful night, the sky hangs low
My nest is lonely, and it’s cold so I knock
And there’s no answer

No answer and I knock again and stretch my wings, and tap
I knock harder, louder
The wind moves, the candlelight in the window reflects in my eye
And I nip my chest

The door opens, I stand at the threshold
And with a creak I smile and whisper in the air
A hot wind rips through and in I go

A pink blob is there
It talks, I shrug
It waves at me, I offer nothing
It talks at me, I know nothing
I’m comfortable, I’m easy
I’m confused, I sit

The purple curtains entice me
The screams and rhythm excites me
I grin, I nip, I stretch my wings
A hot wind rips through

It yells, it screams
It waves crosses and things
I nip, and squawk, and stare
Only loneliness for me out there
We’re together, here, everywhere
Back at my nest, I’ll be never more
Now I’ll just perch on this chamber door

– Scott Sandwich


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