Smoke-Crack Improv

Been very busy! But that’s okay. But I’ve been busy!

Appeared at Crack Festival a couple of times, twice for stagejuice and freshly squeezed and once as part of a disastrously riotous debate between Artists vs Critics. I was all prepared for 5 minute academic discussion as I was in favour of the critics. However, I had misjudged the event. By the end of it, I had beaten a girl at arm wrestling (HA!), and did some terrible rant about Fred Durst, and dropped a few “new” words in front of an 8 year old, but damn, it was pretty fun to watch. Critics got the last word, and – the way it should be – critics won.

In short, artists have the responsibility to be good artists, the same way that critics have the responsibility to be good critics.

Here’s a poem with incorrect formatting, used for the stagejuice freshly squeezed performance jam, with the right amount of abstract images for other people to take their own ideas from, and… and nothing else! Enjoy!

Smoke-Crack Improv

As a sound breaks in revolution
hitting air particles
and screaming

A brief flash
a momentary relapse
a question reasked

The same shape
just in pieces
a different colour
another other

Fit a lot in a suitcase
You can hug it but you wouldn’t
And if you would
you couldn’t
It fades away

Light a match to see a lip curl
rip curl

Burn a photo to see your memory turn to flames and see
a whisp
a flicker
an echo dissipate

An echo of a thing
get thin
get smaller
held aloft

– Scott Sandwich


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