A numbing dullness spreads behind eyes
And fungal peculiars coat nerves
This piss stained grime
Of forced rhymes
Dance over low thudded ear blood
We’re all mud
Stepped on, treaded upon
Shat on, poured fat on

Rats walk in time with you
Or pigs
Their digits clip sidewalk, their nightsticks spread darkness
Don’t look them in the eye
For who has trained this wide-lined short-sighted passer by?
Other swine
The bass line, trumpet blowing cat bile

Fleet flustered wick pedlars earn more respect
Than any tritone blasting gut puncher
With a swarthy horde of offbeat drum munchers
Sticks of dynamite in hands of blistered fist misfit twist passers
As one dribbles collected spit like their juice was used wax
One finger to their forehead as a long distance snipe runner aims lower
‘Tween ribs to hit heart-stopping perfection, and out the other end then
Stop swing bringers in their tracks mid-track
Bring it back to fap laps in top hats on penny farthing angle chump rump ramps
When midget orgy caused that dream of team pounding
A resounding unsound of the bell for the next round
We all count to ten and it all comes out in the end
So poop in another corner that you attend
On the mend, pretend you haven’t been sent that memo of the increased rent, gents

Stick that fist in the air and breathe silently for all they care
Pour split punch bereavement into a can of whoop ass, point and stare
At all those who differ from you
At your misses and then at you
You wretched poorly punt cutter
Born and bred from several mothers
Living in a trailer owned by another other
Suckle that udder you pirate of bladder principals
You fester in despair and do laps in porcelain
Printing mint counterfeit lint and entering circulation
So vain, she licks your thigh and she sighs and says
If only you were bigger
You snigger “I’m not Roy Rogers, I’m half an inch off Trigger
Riding Friday on my day off and by the way you smell off”
And that’s where you stem from
On that horse you rode in on
Cause kay oh kay to one day
Sell half a million in pony hearsay
Returned shortly after
Packed to the rafters

– Scott Sandwich

I wrote at performed Catatonia for Tom Hogan’s Obscure Music History project! Check it out here!


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