Events & Other Thingies

Check out Tom Hogan’s Obscure Music History! I wrote and performed the authentic 1953 jazz poetry recording on behalf of the fact that Colin Brackenbury doesn’t exist. Click here for proof. There’s also photographic proof.

I’ll be performing tonight at Outspoken #9, as part of Verge Festival, alongside Candy Bowers, Sumsay, Edwina Blush, Max Rapley and Jade Oldfield. Check out the Facebook event here!

Photo by Katy GreenI performed last week’s These Are Your Ingredients (Digest This) at the launch of History Week (Eat History!) last Friday night, to a room of bemused and chuckling historians. It was a killer night.

I’ll also be appearing next week as part of the Mystery Bus for the Sydney Fringe Festival – either I got rave reviews after last year’s Mystery Bus, or they don’t remember. The event page is here on the Sydney Fringe Website.

Anyway… I’m off to get some lunch.

– Scott Sandwich



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