These Are Your Ingredients (Digest This)

Digest this
Put these thoughts in your mind and ingest this
Put these words in your ears, and impress this, you’ll invest this
Put these things in your mouth and express this, put it on the guest list and be my best guess, miss
I’ve heard some say that all knowledge is nothing tangible, and nothing is substantial except for the epic truths that make us human
So put your finger to your brain and pick this
We’ve all got the blues, man, whether or not you choose them
There’s death and there’s birth but there’s that big gap in between
A hole that we drilled
A hunger that must be filled
And all we’ve got is filling holes
It’s all we really know

From the picking of the apple of the tree in Eden
Or perhaps a fig depending what version you’re reading
It all comes out in the end
From catching the first oysters and fish
Praying to several gods for lemon sauce to eat it with, and chips
It all comes out in the end
To herding sheep in a field, or sucking the first udder
To first making chocolate, or mispronouncing penne pasta
It all comes out in the end, by which I mean
It all goes in and out the end

The point is we know the end point, we know where it ends up, that’s sorted
But it’s like a kids movie, because the journey is more important
The destination is filling our holes, our orifices, with something
Not necessarily with sex, but I guess some people try anything
It’s that sense of satisfaction of memories being written
And becoming aware that the most important and best stories from our history
Involve our taste and our love of food
And the worst, and most horrific,
Come from a complete lack of it

No matter what you eat
The quality of the meat
The ripeness of the fruit
How rare the vegetable root
How tender it tears off the bone
Or how the juice dribbles down our throat
These are all your ingredients for the same thing

It all comes out in the end
It all goes in and out the other end

– Scott Sandwich



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2 responses to “These Are Your Ingredients (Digest This)

  1. I’m inspired to go and get that banana in the next room I’ve been putting off.

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