Echo Your Revolution

Intangibility aches, sits in stillness, the air not moving
There is system, there is order, a natural hoarder of nothingness
Or everything, depending
But maybe we forget that sound is a thing
Knocking particles together, in vibrations that sing and squeal and continue
Infrequently but at all frequencies, all at once
Disrupting a settled order, screaming REVOLUTION on impact
An attack on natural apathy
Wave after wave, spreading in every direction, in the shortest time possible;
Hitting hard walls the louder, harder and longer pass through
The smaller ones don’t stop they simply deflect and spread elsewhere
And the REVOLUTION continues
With a scream

But this disorder makes sense, you interpret your ears
And it’s here you hear it and it’s your chance to leave it
But you nod when you hear this tiny battlefield on infinite plains
And when it’s soft, you can then in turn SCREAM it
REVOLUTION! and the battle starts again
There will always be fighters and rebels and broken voice boxes
Nobody says when

But no matter how loud, or how hard, low or long
No matter what speakers your sound is coming from
How powerful your wish is
How real your need is
How sensitive your mic
Or how long your life
The number of your parishioners
Or how creative your listeners
Particles rebel with their natural resistance
And the score is then settled and you battle on even ground
Getting weaker and weaker, against a constant enemy
A powerful endless apathy
Until nothing is left
And you’re out of breath
A pathetic demise
A short and senseless death

But nothing can stop you from screaming again…


– Scott Sandwich


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