Nimbin & More!

Nimbin’s Performance Poetry World Cup was a blast. What an epic grand final – one of the best line-ups I’ve seen! It couldn’t have been better even if it had been curated, I was glad to be part of it. Amazing content from some inspiring poets – Candy Royalle, Darkwing Dubs, Geoff Lemon… and Doubting Thomas took the Cup in the end with some refreshing angry and original anarchistic themes.

I’m fine with being a runner up alongside the others – really, I am. *whimper* Anyway, the event was filmed, so I’ll post the link soon – my performance and others!

In other news, I’ll be appearing on Saturday night at GETTING UP, a fundraiser party for ‘The Dysfunctional Project’ by Paulo mOrrison. Check out the Facebook event page here. I’ll also be performing at the UNSWeetened Literary Journal Launch next Thursday evening at UNSW’s Bookshop.

More news coming, because more and more is in the works.

– Scott Sandwich


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