Our First Date, Our Last Date

I thought it would be interesting to film a poem or two, and see if they hold up. Here’s Our First Date, Our Last Date – a detailed memory of a horrific first date, recounted here for you, in order to make myself feel better.

It’s therapeutic. My doctor says I should talk these things through.

– Scott Sandwich


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One response to “Our First Date, Our Last Date

  1. Ilias

    I’m smiling and laughing all the way through. Man your burning in that video with that poetry/rap fused rhythm ! Clever entertaining comment on the social expectations of dating and how one shouldn’t always conform to them. Her symbolic ritualistic feast is an ominous portent of living with an automaton in the future. I loved how her prepackaged notions and ordered existence in the dating ritual are destroyed in a surreal angry torrent of lobsters and squid. Next time I’m on a date I’m gonna hold my ground with a diet coke.

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