Harder Than The Sun

Dedicated to Sophie Spaccavento.

We may fight avalanches and stand against waves

We may not need to breathe

We may get up at dawn and work through til the night is nearly done

Because we work harder than the sun

Our muscles ache, blood drips from our fingers, and as our smell still lingers you can follow our trail

Of half finished projects and quarter baked ideas

Sifted between monuments we built up from pebbles or sand or bone

We don’t rest, we don’t tire

We aim to transcend and not to aspire

When we work we don’t look to shadow the bottom rung

We keep looking up until there’s no tomorrow

And when tomorrow doesn’t come we clap our hands and pat backs

But we don’t drop our workload or take off our shoes or shrug like Atlas

We’ll just find a space and take it over

Our empty slate that we paint over

But sometimes that slate isn’t empty objectively

But what’s empty to us means there’s potential for anything

Crane our necks and bite our own spine

Sometimes we don’t even look behind

Sometimes we look inwards to satisfy our own minds

If helping holds us back then we’d rather pull others down from the shelves

And burn remnants, and collapse bridges, and spill the soup bowls of those we don’t understand

And on we’ll move

We flirt with our pasts, and we fight what surrounds us

And our questions may haunt us

Our guilt may come clear

But we are the hiccups of accountants

Counting for nothing

We ache for torture

Inner turmoil

But no,

Nobody is near

It’s just us

At last and at least we’re here

– Scott Sandwich


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