I’m sorry if you’re expecting something here
Words are easy but words have been done
I’m wordless
It’s been said better, it’s been said sweeter
It’s been said with more sincerity
But it’s not the words themselves that are the problem
I’m wordless

There’s a earnestness I can’t pull off
And a straight face I can’t keep
So I could say you’re opulent or graceful
Or you’re the only thing that points North when I’m drifting off course
And I know they’re nice words
But it’s like my head and heart know that too
And so I say nothing
As beautiful as someone is my problem is that
Whatever I say will come out wrong if I don’t think it
And meticulously choose plan each word
But then where’s the romance?
I’m wordless

And far be it from me to propose a groundbreaking political statement
“Fear me not”, “Down with oppression”
Right now that’s not my place cause
I’m not beat or downtrodden
And while that’s a good thing, in the end
I’m a white man with a beard and a smile
I’m wordless

But I can string them together to tell you a story
I can stop you from remembering I’m boring
So I’ll tell you something
I’ll tell you I’m hungry
To try and tell you I’m angry or sorry or hurtful
But I worry it’ll come out wrong
I know it’s not too long
But the space between my brain to my mouth to your ears
Is too much for me to worry about

So I’ll keep it literal but with twists and second thoughts
There’ll be no confusion, just the occasional pun
Because I’m wordless

– Scott Sandwich


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