It All Ends Here

2011 flips itself over

Earthquake hits, floods break, civil war, gun fights, great white shark attacks and more

Now really, we know Nostradamus was wrong

And if the Mayan calendar was actually right we’d all be long gone

But in the back of our minds 2012 is always looming

Secretly convinced by a John Cusack movie

I mean everyone knows it’s just not going to happen

And believing and preaching is just so unlike me

But what if…?

What if it’s not just a fabricade?

What if it’s not just another Y2K?

Let me propose a solution

Let’s just say, for the sake of this poem, that 2012 is the end of the world

Be it ice age,

Or meteor rain,

Or the sun going supernova,

Or just metaphorical pain.

You have…

One year…

… to travel

One year to spend

One year to rebel

One year til it ends

Tick off your bucket list

Kiss succulent lips

Live on the road

Or just eat a shitload

Now you’re playing with infinites, but it’s Pascal’s final wager

With every chance of success and no chance of failure

Because if the world doesn’t end, you’ve lived life your fullest

Yes it’s idealistic

And no I don’t care

I’m just proposing that we write this one year off

Because when 2012 doesn’t kill us…

…What really have you lost?

– Scott Sandwich


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