One More Cup Of Coffee ‘Til I Blow

Alright, now, seriously, that will have to do.

I’m done staring at you.

I covered it well I thought! Discussing your family, such as your psychic sister,

And I hold nothing against your father

His anger is totally justified – it’s like he read my eyes! –

And I’m here chugging coffee til it pours out from inside.

I’ll have no problem getting home,

No black dog on the road

Except delusions and illusions caused by caffeine comatose.

I’m crusting this mug, it only cost 80 cents

With a cracked handle, leaf-stained bottom, and spoon scratches,

My acidic lips leave their trace,

And you’re lying there, pouring more coffee

But one more cup of coffee will make an all time low.

I reach for the glass, we laugh once more in silence,

The ground echos underneath my feet

As cracks reek a stench from beneath…

They open, with jagged teeth, and you still stand there pouring,

No cup of coffee can pull me up from below.

– Scott Sandwich

PS: Shortly afterwards, Satan raped me.


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