Performance Report (…sorta): Australian Poetry Slam

I notice that this is the least poetic entry I’ve ever bothered to write up. You will have to deal with that; I’m exhausted.

So, last night I performed at the National Slam Poetry Competition. It was pretty much the best thing in existence, so a MASSIVE thanks out to everyone who voted me in!

I performed alongside 16 fantastic artists, I feel pretty damn good about the whole thing. I performed a cut down version of Our First Date, Our Last Date. The massive audience gave a massive response – and it was tough going second. So as far as my first real slam competition, I reckon I held my own. And Kamahl said he dug me. Kamahl.

Kelly-Lee Hickey took the cake! I support that to the Nth degree, especially since her poem is on the back of a shirt I won in March, from Paroxysm Press’ Encouragement Award! Tiny world.

Darkwing Dubs came runner up, and he was faaaaaan-freaking-tastic! Singing toorall li loorall li addity… (Hey, leave me alone. You try and write it down and see how you go.)

I then performed it again on FBi Radio and Sunday Night At The Movies alongside Miles Merrill. Big thanks to FBi and Brooke Olsen for the opportunity and the interviews and everything! And Word Travels! And that guy who took my lunch leaving me with a vegetarian option. Congrats to everyone!

The real winner is poetry. And Kelly-Lee Hickey.

– Scott Sandwich

Edit: Apparently Allan Boyd always says “The Real Winner Is Poetry”, so now I’m a hack. Sorry Allan Boyd.


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