Call For Submissions: Poets & Artists Wanted

I’m part of a group ( stagejuice ) which is putting together a performance at the History Council of NSW’s launch of their Dictionary of Sydney website, at Customs House, at the end of the month. I’m curating work that will rely on submissions from a variety of artists, submissions are open!
We’re looking for one page or smaller works – words, illustrations, photographs, textures, music notation, anything – that represents an element of Sydney, based on a page from the website (
A silver platter reads Please Take One, It’s Yours
A waiter distributes artistic representations
Be it words, or photo, or sheet music, or illustrations
It’s just a simple task
Exploring that any random page in the dictionary
Can inspire art
Pushing the possibilities of what digitalisation is capable of
So whether the entries are from one artist
Or 100
Is irrelevant really.
The idea is each person can take home one unique piece of art
An original idea
Stemmed from a piece of history
Character, Event, or Landmark
Discovered in the Dictionary of Sydney.
Each artwork will be presented in a single envelope (mostly in regular envelopes – perhaps folded, depending on the work – and others in larger flat envelopes), and handed directly to individual art hob nob at the event, with the possibility of an exhibition after the event. It gives a chance to profile individual artists, Sydney art, and Sydney history at the same time.
We’d be looking for a deadline of November 22nd!
If this sounds like your bag, send an email to to register your interest, and we’ll sort something out!
– Scott Sandwich

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