Christmas Only Comes Once. But It Comes Well.

Santa has some late nights working, especially on Christmas Eve – he doesn’t even get home til sunrise, stinking of eggnog and candy smudges on his collar.

And what, you think Mrs Claus is just going to sit home and knit? No, she’s partying twice as hard at the North Pole’s only late night rave (the other 12 clubs close at midnight). She dons her feather boas, high boots with diamond anklets and walks off to the distant horizon, fading into the snow.

Filled to the heel with gourmet filled chocolates, this boot-shaped hamper let’s you be as naughty as Mrs Claus – guilt free (it’s Christmas after all!).

We don’t see her til the morning. She gets home ten minutes before St Nick, and he’s none the wiser.

– Scott Sandwich


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