Dörpen II

Dörpen II

The first one wasn’t good enough, so instead I cheated. Crossed the world in 4 seconds, and that includes the time it took to sip my beer.

Unfortunately, the little yellow man hasn’t been there before, and consequently, neither have I.

I wonder where else he is limited?

I would like to send him under the great seas. Somewhere really dark.

I’ve like there to be a hazy glow of circling predators between Little Yellow Man and the distant light source.

… And if the designer wanted any credibility and respect, he would give the Little Yellow Man a deep sea helmet, you know?

The same way the Little Rubbish Man has a Wonka Hat on Fruit Tingle wrappers.

I have interesting trivia about the Little Rubbish Man, but I think it is stretching the truth.

But still… Dörpen huh? Dörpen.

– Scott Sandwich

PS: In case you were wondering, and I know you were, then check out 52° 58′ 12″ N, 7° 21′ 17″ E


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