Lucky Tonight (With You)

Lucky Tonight (With You)

It’s a party
A themed party
I’m dressed as a 13th century ninja
And you’re not dressed up at all because you didn’t know

You are there with your crappy hair, with your pants too tight and your exaggerated underbite
I really hope I don’t get too lucky tonight (with you)

You and me
With a bottle of tequila
You and me
With four long necks of VB
You and me
With a red merlot and a reisling wine
You and me
With another bottle of tequila

And we both throw up in each others throats and then you don’t call me in the morning

What’s with that?

– Scott Sandwich

PS: I must say, this piece got a bit out of control after the first paragraph. I really wanted to go the “love story” angle, but my unholy idle fingers occasionally have a life of their own. So I don’t like this poem as much. But I like the start of it. That there is four lines of gold.


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