Untitled [It had to happen one day]

In response to Alexander Trocchi’s Cain’s Book

Untitled [It Had To Happen One Day]

There is a yellow tingle to the air. This stench has its own personality. A Taurus perhaps;

Strong. Reliable. Able to endure.

The four of us sit in opposite corners, slumped, our eyes glazed like a four-day-old ring of dough.

Fay on my left. Tom directly across. Joe on my right.

Trocchi would be pleased.

The world around it could be chaotic and it would be stubborn.

Trocchi would nod a head and say “Ah yes, I recognise that. I’ve been there. I wrote that.”

I wouldn’t even know what he looked like. I don’t even know what the others in this room look like.


I stare straight ahead.

“Well… that’s me, obviously.”

The air turns to look at me, before asking “Who were you talking to?”

“Noone” I say, to everyone in the room.

– Scott Sandwich


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