I Read That Line

In response to Vito Acconci’s Read This Word

I Read That Line

Look, did you read this line then that line?

Because that line explains this line

(It’s ironic really)

Because I told you and it rhymed and was sort of in time with the next line that explained those lines

Not that that line mentioned was indeed mine

As I stole it off some other guy and the way his words run and the ‘and then’s chime with a sort of rhythm, metre, or time, (and rhyme, but that’s implied) and so your first understanding may be denied.


Obviously it’s not a creative mind, just one that’s focussed on crime.

‘Plagiarisming’ is a sign of either being well-read, read-well or a waste of everybody’s fucking time.

So is it a quotation, a tribute, an intertextual line, or do we just dismiss it as a rip-off (which I guess is fine)?

I call it something like… a style of mine

But you don’t see it like that – you see it as something you’ve heard before in another life

I can’t get enough of things that rhyme

I especially when they rhyme all the time

Even when I reuse the same rhyme

You may think it’s benign

I think it’s sublime

– Scott Sandwich


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