I Walk Outside For The First Time In Years

I walk outside for the first time in years
I visit my friends and find out what they’re up to
Some of them are working, others are in relationships
Others are studying, others don’t seem to be doing anything

I tell people what I’m feeling, and what I’m currently doing
And they listen, and in return, they tell me about their lives
We have conversations, it’s nice to catch up
And we poke fun at each other, and we smile
I wish the appropriate friends happy birthday
I was invited to a party
And I don’t have to see anyone I don’t want to

I see someone I don’t recognise, so I make some new friends
We discuss the required info
Such as favourite books, movies and music
I recommend them to meet some of my friends that they may get along with
And then, get this, it turns out we have some old friends in common!
It’s such a small world

Then I go shopping
I exchange money for goods and services
So now I’m up to date with the latest fashions
And people comment and tell me that they like what I’m wearing
It makes me feel good

I ordered some food and it arrives within MINUTES
I even got to choose exactly what was in it!
If I wanted, I could do nothing, just waste the day lazing
Everything looks so crisp, the resolution is amazing

If I don’t like where I am, I can simply leave the area
If I get cold I could just put on another layer
But the sun is so warm and the breeze is so nice
I feel better than normal, so it must be something in the air

So I walk outside, and it’s been a long time
I like this place, I think.
It’s just like being online.

– Scott Sandwich


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