You & Your Profile Pic

So just bear with me on this for a bit.

It’s no surprise that there are a few problems with social networking sites

Your profile pic, ultimately, is you.
It represents a time, that you have chosen, to be remembered by
It’s a photo of you last week, last month, last year

I’ve come to conclusion that profile photos actually prevent change
You don’t change yourself
People don’t see you differently
You continue to live in an ideal moment from the ideal angle captured in a few hundred ideal pixels

Ultimately, you’re making a decision to continue to live in that perfect moment until something better comes along
In fact, one click and we can see the entire progression of your being, from all your ideal moments.

We are disabling our evolutionary development of being able to forget because our entire history is constantly on display
Now, I realise photos have been around for a while, and I suppose before photos came sketches, or as far back as carvings on a cave wall

What I’m trying to figure out is….
Would our subconscious decisions be more drastic without graphical representations, and our conscious decisions be less so…
Or, another way, do we make our most drastic conscious decisions simply because we can see our faults or what we’d like to improve, but subconsciously we retain the ideal moment until we make an actual effort to change it?

I dunno. It all sounds like a lot of wank to me as well.

– Scott Sandwich


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