Have Your Faith

Have Your Faith

So let’s talk religion
Let’s talk a basis for morality
Let’s talk the understanding that one’s soul is not connected to one’s life and personality

(We will assume that the soul exists, and if it does:)

Our soul cannot be our culture
Our soul cannot be related to this world
Our soul is eternal but what’s not is our minds
So to what extent can the choices we make now affect what happens afterwards
Or better yet, why?

Heaven does not have room for your personality
Hell is not equipped for your regrets
Heaven will not accept anything in my organic scientific brain
Hell will not accept my understanding and awareness of pain

So why or how can or should my or your personality’s faith or lack thereof determine this life’s actions
Or perhaps why should our actions here be the deciding vote on our soul’s eternity of bliss or agony?

Now I’m not saying belief is wrong
A belief in something is important
It’s an understanding of what your body and your mind’s connection to this world are for
And if you’re calling that God, go for it
If you believe, don’t let me take that away from you
If you need a divine being to tell you not to be a jerk to other people, then I’m glad they’re there for you

If you justify it by saying God doesn’t play by Western logic, then so be it.
Or that this life is a test beyond our soul’s control simply to earn our spot in the clouds, then you believe it.
And if the existence of our eternal internal counterparts just so happen to align with evolution, breeding and the Origin of our Species, then don’t deceive it.
Or if you’re just accepting these questions and choosing to ignore them, then from your mind relieve it.

But these are questions that have to have an answer
These answers have to be your mantra
Be whatever it means for you to be you
Have your faith and eat it too

– Scott Sandwich

PS: It’s an argument with someone you know, who already agrees with you.


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