Picking Bananas

He takes some time lighting a cigarette. He won’t hear the thing come in. It travels faster than the speed of sound. The first news you get of it is the blast. Then, if you’re still around, you hear the sound of it coming in…

– Thomas Pynchon “Gravity’s Rainbow”

While this is not a realistic account on my arrival on the blog scene, it’s definitely a good quote. A good opener. A freaking ice breaker.

I’m here to say that this shall be some sort of new online home. I’ll post tracks I complete here, including rants and videos when they come about. This may not have the blast zone of a V-2 rocket, installed with a Schwarzgerät (Serial number 00000), but anything other than the antithesis of being is (occasionally) understood to be an improvement.

For now you’re just stuck with this poem you’re reading now. Not poetry in form or rhythm. It is, however, definitely a poem.

Because I said so.

– Scott Sandwich


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